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Intrinsic Consulting Solutions (PTY) Ltd – including its wholly owned subsidiaries hereinafter referred to as “the Company”


In terms of POPI, a “Responsible Party” (in this case being the Company) has a legal duty to process a “Data Subject’s” Personal Information (in this case being your personal information and related details) in a lawful, legitimate and responsible manner. In order to discharge this duty, the Company requires your express and informed permission to process your Personal Information.

The Company is a services-orientated company delivering Permanent Recruitment services to both local and international organisations:

We are committed to compliance with The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act which requires us to:

  • Sufficiently inform candidates/applicants/work-seekers (data subjects), hereafter referred to as candidates, the purpose for which we will process their personal information;
  • Protect our Information assets from threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental, to ensure business continuation, minimise business damage and maximise business opportunities.

Purpose for the Collection

The reason why the Company requires your Personal Information is to enable the Company to;

  • Find you employment and to this end, make your information available for searching and matching to job opportunities across the Company with the intention of presenting you as a match to the client companies of the Company;
  • Perform appropriate checks on job history, criminal record, educational/ skills qualifications/ registrations/ licenses as well as credit history, where such is required and is permitted by the NCA;
  • Refer you as a candidate for employment with client companies or employ you as staff within our own environment;
  • Notify you of the Company’s various goods, services and offerings using various mediums and platforms, subject always to your right at any time to opt out of such communication; and/ or
  • Perform its various recruitment operations.

What personal data we collect

We will only collect personal data from you which we need to fulfill the requirements of the recruitment process or service relationship which may exist between you and the company.

The categories of personal data we may collect and hold about you may include but not limited to the below:

  • Personal contact details such as name, title, addresses, telephone numbers, or personal email addresses;
  • Personal details such as date of birth, gender, marital status, or nationality;
  • Any information required in terms of the Labour Relations Act (Act 66 of 1995) and the Employment Equity Act (Act 55 of 1998)
  • CV’s or cover letters or any other supplementary document included as part of the application process where requested or not;
  • Information about your right to work in different countries: e.g. UK, Germany, South Africa;
  • Information regarding your work history, qualifications, professional memberships, education, experience, or employment references;
  • Photographs if included on CVs or otherwise on supplementary documents submitted as part of the recruitment process;
  • The results of any personality profiling assessment or professional experience assessment that we may carry out as part of the recruitment process;
  • Any personal data provided to us about you by your referees.

We may also collect, store and use the following special categories of more sensitive personal data, which could include:

  • Information about whether or not you have a disability for which we need to make reasonable adjustments as part of the recruitment process;
  • Information about criminal convictions and offences.

How we obtain your personal data

We may collect this information in a variety of ways:

  • Directly from you when: you interview with us, email us, call us, or when you apply for a position (whether via our website, via third parties such as job boards, social media sites, or otherwise) in connection with a background or employment check or an employment reference (subject to your consent where required by law).
  • Third parties, such as references supplied by former employers or agencies and information from criminal records checks permitted by law.
  • Social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), company websites, and other publicly available sources, from a recruiting or other web site where you may have provided information about your work experience or interests

Storage and Retention and Destruction of Information

All Personal Information which you provide to the Company will be held and/ or stored securely for the purpose of recruitment or re-recruitment. Your Personal Information will be stored electronically in a database, which to widen the job seeking opportunities, will be accessible to all the Company’s subsidiary companies. Where appropriate, some information may be retained in hard copy. In either event, storage will be secure and audited regularly regarding the safety and the security of the information.

Where data is stored electronically outside the borders of South Africa, such is done only in countries that have similar privacy laws to our own or where such facilities are bound contractually to no lesser regulations than those imposed by POPI.

How we process and protect personal data

We process the personal data we collect, by manual and automated means, for the purposes defined above

We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, security and availability of the personal data you provide against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

Data sharing

We will only share your personal data with the following third parties for the purposes of processing your application: the company branches and the company clients.

All our third-party service providers and other entities in the group are required to take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data in line with our policies. We do not allow our third-party service providers to use your personal data for their own purposes. We only permit them to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

How long we store personal data we collect

We store in our systems the personal data we collect in a way that allows the identification of the data subjects for no longer than the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, based on customary human resource practices and in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Your rights

You have certain legal rights with respect to the personal information that you provide and/or which we obtain about you.

Where applicable, your rights include, among others:

  • To be informed regarding what data is being held, and why.
  • To have access to the personal data we hold about you.
  • To be able to rectify errors in the data.
  • To request the erasure of the data being held.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to review, revise, amend or replace the contents of this Privacy Policy at any time in case of any legal requirements relating to personal data protection come into force.


You have the right to address any complaints to the Company Information Officer admin@icsol.co.za or to the Personal Information Regulator.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, complaints, objections, requests to restrict processing of your personal data, or if you would like to exercise your rights as an affected person and withdraw consent to the processing of your personal data, send your request in writing to: admin@icsol.co.za

Declaration and Informed Consent

By accepting the terms and conditions outlined in this policy document, you declare that all Personal Information supplied to the Company for the purposes of recruitment and related legal and operational reasons is accurate, up-to-date, is not misleading and that it is complete in all respects. you undertake to immediately advise the Company of any changes to your Personal Information should any of these details change.

You furthermore give the Company permission to process your Personal Information, as provided above, and acknowledge that you understand the purposes for which it is required and for which it will be used.